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What Can Make A Guy Lose Interest So Quickly?

Six Signs He Is Falling Out Of Love With You - -man rejecting kiss

MEN NEED A few things from a woman stay romantically interested

And if they don’t find them in a woman, their attention wanes… quickly

Men are experts…

In finding these qualities in women

But many women don't know what men are looking for, or that they are looking for anything at all…

And this is why women see men suddenly lose interest and have no idea why…

Think of it like this…

You walk into a shop

Your showing interest by looking at the racks, maybe you talk to a shop assistant

But you went in there looking for something specific

And when you realize what you want isn’t in there…

You walk out (and withdraw your interest)

It's the same thing with men and dating

They want to know that you have what they are looking for

So in the short time that you spend together, how do you show him you have what he wants?

(I’m talking minutes)

  • Do you smile at him and agree with everything he says?
  • Do you ignore him or ‘treat him mean’ and try to keep him on the chase?
  • Do you flat out tell him that you can see a future with him within the first couple of minutes?
  • Do you try to help him out and give him advice where you see he needs it?


The truth is…

That every man is a little different and needs a slightly unique approach

But here are some general things that men look for…

The general things men look for

  • Being genuinely happy
  • Being appreciated and respected
  • Strong signals of interest from you

How do you customize your approach for the man you want?

Every man is a little different

To make a good impression you need to tailor your approach

And how you do that successfully is by learning how men think

Male psychology

If you have ever thought that men are unpredictable, then I have some amazing, seriously life changing news for you

The truth is that men are somewhat predictable…

In fact they all think along the same lines

This short video contains the equivalent of the Rosetta stone to decoding much of his behavior and most importantly why he does what he does

It’s an eye opener and one that will change how you interact with men

You wont even notice changing your behavior

Getting the information in this video is like seeing the goal posts on a sports field for the first time… Now you can score

==> VIDEO: Why men do what they do and how to ‘read their minds'

Use this information wisely, it is very powerful

– Randy

P.S – As a man, when i watched the presentation you are about to, I couldn’t help but notice how often i was nodding my head and agreeing with what was being said

I thought, this guy knows me better than i know myself…

P.P.S – Honestly this presentation can help you really open up and get the relationship you deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Click this link and watch it now!